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The world's best ID scanner with bar and club stats.

Bar and Club Stats

Looking to get bar and club stats for your venue? Our ID scanners provide you with daily reports, giving you insightful information that you can use to improve your marketing and your operations.

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How PatronScan Works


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ID scanners for bar and club stats

Bar and club stats are collected from using the leading ID scanners in the nightclub industry. PatronScan ID scanners are easy to use, lighting fast, and powerful, giving you a powerful security system to keep troublemakers and minors out of your venue.

PatronScan ID scanners can read over 3,600 types of government issued ID, including all driver’s licenses and passports. The scanner will determine whether the ID is a valid or fake ID, and tell you the age of the patron, making it easy to keep minors out of your venue. If a minor is passed an ID, then the ID scanner will notify you that the ID is being scanned multiple times that night, and show you a live image of the person who scanned in with that ID previously, making it easy to stop ID passing.

If a patron behaves badly at your venue, and needs to be removed, then you can add the patron to the Banned Patrons List, banning them from every venue using PatronScan. This provides a powerful incentive for patrons to behave properly.

If a patron tries to enter your venue, and they have already been placed on the Banned Patrons List, then you are notified that they have been banned, for how long, and why, so that your staff can make an informed decision about admitting or denying entry to the patron.

Every day, the bar and club stats report will be sent to you by email. This daily email will go over the bar and club stats from the night before, providing you with valuable information about the demographics and behavior of your patrons.

If you use our SMS text message marketing system, then the bar and club stats reporting will inform you of your marketing success, telling you if any of the patrons who received your marketing SMS message scanned into the club.