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Fake ID Detection

ID scanning is the most effective way to keep minors out of your casino nightclubs. PatronScan will analyze every ID scanned to determine whether it is a valid ID or a possible fake ID. The PatronScan library contains over 3,600 government issued IDs from around the world, including all driver’s licenses and passports. Spotting a fake ID takes less than 3 seconds.

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The Banned Patrons List

PatronScan has the largest Banned Patrons List in North America. There are over 20,000 banned patrons who have been ejected or denied entry for violence, sexual assault, stealing, drugs, and fake IDs. When a banned patron tries to enter your nightclub, you will receive an alert message with the duration of the ban, and the details of why they were banned, so venue staff can decide whether to allow or deny entry.

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Persons of Interest (POI) Link

Keep High Risk Offenders out of the Nightlife:

The POI (Persons of Interest) portal is a confidential notification system that helps casino security keep high risk people out of the nightclubs. Casino security personnel can enter the identification of high risk people, such as gang members, violent offenders, drug dealers, sexual predators, etc. into the POI portal. If one of these individuals enters a casino nightclub and has their ID scanned, then a text (SMS) message notification is sent to casino security, notifying them of the POI location. An email is also sent, including the location, the time they entered, the first and last name, a high definition image of the person entering the venue, and a copy of the image from their identification.

This allows casino security to enter the club, locate the individual, and remove them from the nightclub without involving the nightclub staff. When high risk patrons are scanned in, the scan will not show a ban, so as to avoid any altercation with venue staff.

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Enter the person of interest

When his ID is scanned…

Receive an SMS notification Receive an e-mail notification

Stunning Reports

PatronScan reports provides you with insightful and easy to read information about the activity of the patrons in your venue. Find out their demographics, where they came from, how many are repeat visitors, and how many men vs women are entering your venue.

Making good decisions requires good information. Sophisticated casino managers use our powerful reports to grow their business.

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Notifications via SMS and E-mail

When you use PatronScan at your casino nightclubs, you can receive automated notification updates to keep you informed of your venues activity.

  • Receive an update every 30 minutes informing you of the number of patrons in your venue, including male/female ratio.
  • Receive SMS alerts immediately when your venue is the subject of an inspection by the Fire Marshall, Police Task Force, or Liquor Inspector.
  • Receive SMS alerts immediately when a VIP arrives at your entrance.
  • Receive a notification when your venue reaches its capacity.
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Stop ID Passing

The PatronScan ID scanner will notify you if an ID is scanned more than once. ID passing is a common way for underage patrons to enter casino nightclubs. One patron will enter with their own ID, and then find a way to pass their ID to a younger sibling or friend, who then uses that ID to enter.

PatronScan ID scanners will alert you when an ID is used more than once, and provide the live image from the person who used that ID the first time, so you can compare and easily spot ID passing.

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SMS Text Message Marketing

Did you know that 94% of text messages are read within 10 minutes of being received? PatronScan gives you the power to send out text message (SMS) blasts before the weekend or an event. Best of all, you can filter who receives the text message based on demographics collected from the ID scanner, and track how many of the recipients show up at your venue.

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Privacy Compliant

PatronScan, and Servall Biometrics Inc. are compliant with all privacy regulations, in all Provinces and States. We have worked with legislators and liquor commissions to help draft regulations for ID scanning systems in the bar and nightclubs industry. We collect the following information: name, age, first 3 digits of the postal code and photograph from your patron’s identification as well as a live image of the patron. This information is captured and stored according to Gaming and Liquor regulations and in accordance with privacy laws.