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What is PatronScan?

PatronScan is an ID scanning technology used in nightclubs across North America. We give venue staff the ability to spot fake IDs and keep minors out, add patrons to a Banned Patrons List, and spot patrons who have caused trouble at other venues.

PatronScan also offers 3 public safety tools to police officers, helping police prevent violence, sexual assault, drug trafficking, and gang violence in nightclubs: Public Safety Link, POI (Persons of Interest), and Nightlife Pulse.

Cities are able to purchase the ID scanning system and install them in nightclubs, giving venue staff the ability to spot troublemakers and keep minors out, and give police the ability to locate and remove dangerous individuals from the nightlife.


How PatronScan works:

Step 1: City purchases ID scanners and installs them in every nightclub in the city.

Step 2: Nightclubs scan the ID of every patron entering.

The results:

When patrons behave badly, they are placed on the Banned Patrons List. Any venue they try to enter will be notified that the patron is banned, and why, so they can decide whether to allow or deny entry.

By providing consequences to bad behavior, venues are able to keep troublemakers out of the nightlife, and give patrons an incentive to behave properly.

PatronScan also gives police officers powerful tools to remove dangerous people from the nightlife, such as gang members and drug dealers.


How much does it cost?

Here are some examples:

St. John’s, 65 venue, $273,000/yr
Charleston, 106 venues, $445,200/yr
Seattle, 84 venues, $352,800/yr
Austin, 72 venues, $302,400/yr

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Looking to implement ID scanning in your city? Want some help to get started? We have several tools to help you get things moving.

Suggested Technical Requirements

These are the technical requirements of an ID scanning system that we recommend you adopt to maximize the benefits to nightclubs, police, patrons, and public safety.

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RFI Template

This RFI template with Suggested Technical Requirements is ready for your publication. Fill in the document with your city’s information and preferences. Modify it however you wish.

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Technical Manual for PatronScan

Our technical manual, detailing each of the features and functions that make PatronScan the perfect ID scanning system for any city looking to reduce crime and improve public safety.

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Pricing Calculator

Our online pricing calculator. Use this to rough out the expected cost of implementing ID scanning across your entire city.

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