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ABC Compliant Memberships done quickly and easily.


ABC vetted and compliant!

PatronScan has been reviewed and found to be compliant with North Carolina ABC rules and policies.

The most comprehensive scanning system will give you peace of mind for all of your ABC membership needs.

Create new members in seconds

Adding new patrons to your membership logs can be time consuming, and can cause a lot of headaches. PatronScan makes this easy and fast. You just scan the patron’s ID, and if they are not a member, then a membership sign-up form is shown on the screen, and the patron simply signs using their finger. Your membership records are updated instantly, and a printed version of the membership can be kept if needed.

Easily accessible up-to-date roster

Do you need to have your up-to-date roster available and accessible for compliance? You are going to love PatronScan. Instantly print your membership roster, or deliver it in PDF format by email. We make your compliance easy.

Digital member forms

Paper membership forms are a pain to deal with. Creating them, storing them, and keeping them up to date are time consuming administrative tasks that take time away from your business. Our digital member forms make your life easy. Easily created, stored, and accessible from any web enabled device, you will wonder why you ever used paper.

Centralized storage

Storing your digital member forms in our central servers will make your life much easier, and protect against the risks of storing paper based records at your business. Digital records are available from any web enabled device, and let you and your staff maintain your membership records with little to no effort.

Customizable member questions

Our digital member forms can be completely customized, allowing you to include your limitation of liability, and collect any information you need to make a new patron a member at your establishment. We also allow you to create different types of members, in case you want to include a VIP program, or reward your most loyal members when they visit.

Using our system, you would scan every guest who comes through your doors. You’ll be instantly notified if they are a member of your venue. If they are not already a member our scanner will automatically generate a membership form with their details on the screen in seconds. You can enter their contact information if you’d like, then simply have them sign electronically. They’re now a member of your club and instantly added to your roster.

An electronic copy of their signed membership is saved for record keeping. Easily access your member form or roster from the scanner or any computer connected to the internet, and then email or print it for easy ABC audits.