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ID Scanner for Bars in North Carolina

Over the last decade, we’ve become the leader in ID scanning for nightlife across North America. PatronScan is both your front-line defense to avoid incidents, but also works as a great business tool.

Besides the best fake ID detection, we also offer the largest shared Banned Patrons list in the industry so you can identify problem patrons before they enter your venue.

Keep minors and troublemakers out of your venue with the world’s best ID scanner.

Fake ID Scanner

Fake IDs get better everyday, and so do we. By utilizing our software and scanning the front of the ID we easily identify which IDs are real and which are fake.

Scanners that only look at the back of the ID are easily fooled. Using PatronScan is the best way to protect yourself and your venue from costly fines.

Challenge Questions

Experienced door staff have been using these questions for years, and for good reason: they work.

We supply challenge questions that relate to the ID, but the answer can’t be found anywhere on the actual ID. We have these questions for every state, province, and territory in North America.

Stop ID Passing

The most prevalent way for minors to enter your venue is sharing an ID.

We provide an alert, with a live picture, making it easy to determine whether your patron left and came back, or if you caught someone ID passing.

The Double Scan alert even works if a different type of ID is used. Drivers license and passport? Military card and green card? We’ll catch it and keep minors out.

Age Confirmation

Fines for having minors in your venue are not only costly, they’re avoidable. Using PatronScan at your front door provides easy to read visual alerts for any minors trying to enter your venue.

If the patron trying to enter your venue is of age and has presented a valid ID you’ll see five bright green check marks making your ID check quick and easy.

Sorted Member Roster

When you’re looking at an audit by the ABC you want it to go as quickly and smoothly as possible. Access your member roster from any device connected to the internet in seconds.

Search, print, or export your roster from the web portal and do it quickly and easily.

Spot Troublemakers on the List

Using PatronScan, our venues have placed over 40,000 people on our shared Banned Patron list.

When you see the notification that a patron has been banned from another venue you get a clear picture as to what happened so you can keep your venue and your patrons safe.

Add Troublemakers to the List

Being placed on the Banned Patron list puts real consequences in place for anyone caught causing an incident in your venue.

Patrons value going out to nightclubs with their friends, and when they are on the Banned Patrons List, a ban alert will show every time they try to enter any venue in North America using PatronScan.

Use the Banned Patrons List to keep patrons from causing trouble in your venue.