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06 Aug


POI Link

August 6, 2014 | By |

Keep High Risk Offenders out of the Nightlife:

The POI (Persons of Interest) portal is a confidential notification system that helps police keep high risk people out of the nightlife. Public Safety officers with the Police can enter the identification of high risk people, such as gang members, violent offenders, drug dealers, sexual assault perpetrators, etc. into the POI portal. If one of these individuals, who has been given instruction not to enter nightclubs, enters a nightclub and has their ID scanned with PatronScan, then a text message notification is sent to the Public Safety Police Officer, notifying them of their location. An email is also sent, including the location, the time they entered, their first and last name, a high definition image of the person entering the venue, and a copy of the image from their identification.

This allows the police to enter the club, locate the individual, and remove them from the nightclub without involving the nightclub staff. When the high risk patron is scanned in, the scan will not show a ban, so as to avoid any altercation with venue staff.


Enter the person of interest

When the POI enters a venue and his ID is scanned…

Receive an SMS notification

Receive an e-mail notification